Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Nesting

Does this happen to anyone else?  It seems to me that every year August rolls around and I get the urge to nest, just like I did when I was pregnant.  I want to clean everything, organize every nook and cranny (whether or not it has anything to do with school!) and throw stuff away. 

It hit me over the weekend so I started to go with it.  No reason to fight it, right?  So far we've managed to get the girls' bathroom and bedroom done.  Five girls in one big room is no small feat.  There is a lot of stuff in there to sort through, and when one of your girls is a pack rat, well, it isn't pretty.  She surprised me, though, this time.  She actually said, "Yeah, you can throw that out" about five times and never once went into a panic attack.  

My goal is to get through all the rooms, give them a good cleaning, vacuuming, straightening and then we shall be ready to start school. 

When I was thinking about this it struck me as kind of funny that I get the urge to nest and then go into 9 months of labor.  Kind of the opposite of pregnancy, yet, the feelings are the same.  Oh well, I'm glad it still hits me at least once a year.

God Bless!