Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent Daybook - Day 18


Today I got to spend some time with one of my oldest and bestest friends, Cheryl.  I've known her forever (more on that later) and even though we don't live all that far apart, we hardly ever get to spend time together.  Today she came up to my house and we went to my favorite little tea room for lunch.  What a wonderful way to spend three hours :)  Wow, Mass, confession and lunch with a girlfriend - not much can beat that!


So I was thinking this evening about how Cheryl and I met 44 years ago.  I was four and she was five and we had just moved in across the street from her family.  It was December and it was snowing and I was outside playing when she came over to meet me.  We've been friends ever since.  As I only have one brother, she's the sister I never had.

I also thought about how she's been instrumental in so many things in my life.  It was 19 years ago that we went out Christmas shopping and to dinner and it was her answers to my questions that spurred on my reversion, that very evening, back to the Catholic faith.  It was through conversations with her that I decided to homeschool.  At first I thought she was nuts, but when I finally decided to go for it, she was right there to guide my way. 

God is so good to put such awesome people in our lives!


 I love the O Antiphon time of the year; it means we're getting that much closer to Christmas.  I am so grateful that life has been much quieter this week.  The St. Andrew Novena is still going strong, the snow is still on the ground giving the outside a definite festive feeling, and the past few nights have brought a very bright, full moon.  The spirit of Christmas is definitely approaching :)

God Bless!