Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent Daybook Day 4


Today I finally got a chance to exercise again.  It seems I do okay for a few weeks then get interrupted for a month.  I started out easy but it felt good to get this old body moving again.  Now, I am tucked up by the fire, with the gloomy weather outside, getting ready to start sifting through the 3,000 (yes really) pictures that I took of "The Conversion of Scrooge" this past weekend.  Fortunately there are a lot of dance shots that I know can be deleted because they are the shots that are building up to the "perfect position" shot.  It will, however, be a very time consuming task.


School this morning consisted of math, though not too many problems today, and a good lesson on the many wars that have been fought because of religious reasons.  

I'm also thinking about how best to tackle the sorting of these pictures as well as how I am going to get them done, continue to work on Christmas shopping and keep up with everything else - all in a timely fashion.


Today at Mass Father pointed out that the first Advent ended with the birth of Christ and we are currently living the second Advent, waiting patiently (or maybe even impatiently?) for the Second Coming.  I hadn't ever really thought of it that way (or at least I didn't remember ever thinking about it that way!) and I like looking at it in that global fashion.  All of the Advents since Christ was born are in anticipation of His coming again. Let us continue to pray out in a loud voice, "Come Lord Jesus, Come!".

God Bless!