Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent Daybook Days 7 and 8


This body spent the past two days Christmas shopping with her hubby.  Unfortunately yesterday we were not very successful and our time out was cut short, but we braved the snow, yes snow, here in the Midwest, for the first time this season, to go to a bigger mall and get slightly more done.  At least this time we were able to get in our Christmas dinner date.  We had gotten a gift card to Olive Garden (one of my favorites) and used it tonight on a scrumptious dinner and a yummy piece of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. 


This mind is stressed.  A lot going on here right now that all needs to be done at the same time and it is making my mind feel like it wants to explodes.  Yes, Father gave a homily today about weeding out the distractions that keep us from being with the Lord during Advent, but these are things I can't weed out and so I just need to slug through them in some sort of fashion so they all get done soon.  Maybe I'll just spend an hour at a time on each task and just keep rotating through them.  Which is better?  That, or sticking with one until it is done and then moving on to another one?  


My spirit needs an Advent replenish.  I think it is time to retire to my room and spend some time reading and praying.  Maybe tomorrow will bring a renewed spirit and a clear mind.  Good night, all!

God Bless!