Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Daybook - Day 3


Today is the day I take my annual excursion with my mother to the shopping mall.  We only do this once a year and though it is out of necessity, being that Christmas is coming and all, we do so look forward to it.  An afternoon of frustration as we look for meaningful gifts that don't cost a fortune is topped off by a nice dinner somewhere.  Of course this means another day of not exercising and eating too much, but hey, YOLO!

School started again today which meant that I had to be engaged.  Remembering where we left off in math and phonics and such.  Wow, I'm exhausted.  

Sometimes planning to be gone the whole afternoon is exhausting in and of itself.  Making sure everyone knows what to be doing to keep them busy.  Making sure all the chores will get done.  Making sure that someone is in charge of making dinner and making sure they know what they are doing.  Wow, I'm exhausted again!


We began our day off with Mass - the feast of St. Francis Xavier, the first great Jesuit missionary.  Father talked about how we need to be missionaries to the people of this world and bring joy to those we come in contact with.  I will try to remember this today as I forge my way through traffic and mall people :)

God Bless!