Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Daybook - Day 2

I just realized that I did this last year but in a different format than I was planning on doing this year.  How exciting it is when you can't remember anything...its like a new idea every time!!


Today I gave my body what it really needed - more sleep.  We had a long day yesterday and everyone was exhausted so we all slept in.  "Slept in" for me meant 7:15.  Sleeping in for some of the others meant that I woke them up at 10:00!  Thank goodness, yet again, for Noon Mass.

I also want to start exercising again before Christmas so we'll see if that happens.  I didn't do it today because I was so tired, and so behind, and besides, my shoulders are still very sore from holding my very heavy camera for the past two days.  I know - excuses, excuses.


Today required thought, which is hard to do when your brain hasn't been jump started yet.  I was forced, forced I tell you, by my aunt to think about Christmas.  She's usually the first one, well, her and my sister-in-law, to bug me about ideas for the kids.  I found out she was originally going to call me early this morning but my mom told her it probably wasn't a good idea.  I got a reprieve until this afternoon!

We've also had some big orders for our soap which necessitated some work on my part.  I'm so excited that people are helping us with our goal to donate money to help build the St. Gianna Molla Shrine!


I really do love Noon Mass because the priest who says it gives wonderfully rich and insightful homilies and then they expose the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration at the end of Mass.  I absolutely love singing "O Salutaris Hostia" and so the chance to belt it out on a regular basis is wonderful.  On the flip side, Noon Mass happens right smack in the middle of the day (in case you were wondering :), and it is a bit farther than some of our other options.  Well, it worked today and Father gave a beautiful homily to start off our Advent.  Of course, I'd share some of it with you if I could remember it (there's that memory thing again - he could give the same homily every day and I'd enjoy it every time because it would seem new to me!).

Before bed each night I read something to meditate on and last night the  thought that stuck with me was that what we do today helps to determine where we will spend eternity.  Now that is something I need to remember!

Have a blessed rest of the day.

God Bless!